How It Works


Our talented chefs provide individually and uniquely designed cooking services that contain multiple entrees and appropriate side dishes that are crafted inside our clients’ own kitchens. We work with clients individually and prepare food that is specifically designed to satisfy their culinary needs and wants.

First, we schedule a personal interview with each client to determine what they like to eat, how they like to eat, and if they have any special dietary needs that need to be met. We custom curate specialty designed meals that exceed our clients' expectations. If that client is not satisfied with their meal, then we do whatever necessary to make it right.

chef assessment.jpg

After the interview, Magic City Chefs plan meals for their customers' selections with 

customized recipes full of fresh ingredients, which are then prepared in their own kitchens. Now all there is to do for our client is to enjoy delicious, freshly prepared meals at their leisure.

As an added plus, our team also packages our prepared meals just incase there are leftovers! We label and leave specific handling instructions for each meal so they will taste just the same as if it just left the oven. Once the meal is done, we clean up our clients' kitchens and leave like we were never there. The only thing we leave behind are the aromas of freshly prepared meals we created.