About Us


After working in the food service industry for over 15 years, I ended up reaching a point in my career where I did not enjoy getting up for work in the morning. It was at that point when I realized I had been focusing on the wrong things. With the responsibilities of taking care of a family and finances, I was more focused on what will help me get by. I had almost forgotten why I chose to be a chef in the first place.

I wanted to find that feeling again. So, I decided to get back into what I love to do - create delicious and stunning dishes that will make your taste buds crave for more.

I am sure we have all been caught up in the moment and have forgotten what was around you. For me, I was so busy and distracted with my career, I ended up losing attention on what was most important - my family. I realized that we didn't eat together anymore. Instead, we were invested in either the TV or our cellphones. We didn't even cook at home and ordered takeout most of the time.

I remember when I was growing up, my family always ate together at the dinner table no matter what. It was the place where we exchanged stories about our days, where plans were made, and where relationships grew. We never ordered takeout.

Instead, we gave thanks.

I remember thinking to myself, “I can’t be the only one in this situation.” In America today, we have become so busy that it’s almost as if we have forgotten about to take a step back and enjoy a nice home-cooked meal anymore. A lot of people are so drained from their day job, that the last thing they want to do is do more work and prep the kitchen, cook the meal, and then clean up afterwards. Listen, this happened to me. I know what you are going through.


I knew that I needed to find a solution. A solution that would not only benefit my family, but others as well. I decided that I would deliver a food service program that would be tailored to bringing families back to the table.


And with that, The Magic City Chefs was born.

The best and most major asset to have is our people. Through my established connection of great chefs, purveyors, farmers and other talented professionals in the service industry, I have been able to bring those people right to your doorstep. Anything you can imagine: a wedding cake, a personal chef, or the freshest locally grown foods around, we have you covered.

It is important to remember the best part about all of this – a peace of mind. To simplify it further, you will no longer have to worry. No longer have to worry about shopping for groceries, cooking, cleaning, the works. Instead, you can sit back, relax, kick your feet up, and enjoy time with family at the table together.