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What We Do

Bring Families Back To The Table

Our talented chefs provide individually and uniquely designed cooking services that contain multiple entrees and appropriate side dishes that are crafted inside our clients’ own kitchens. We work with clients individually and prepare food that is specifically designed to satisfy their culinary needs and wants. See our services below!

Owner & Professional Personal Chef 

Meet Chef Jason

I am passionate about crafting beautiful culinary works of art for clients who love to be adventurous. As an Executive Chef, I have over 15 years of experience working and collaborating with well-known culinary restaurants and institutions where I have been able to expand my portfolio and truly dive into my love for cooking.

My chef portfolio encompasses different areas such as bakeries, restaurants, "cafeteria style" food lines, college & universities, government agencies, specialized catering, meal preparation services, quick-service, and even manufacturing.

Have you ever woken up for work one day and knew that this was not what you wanted to do anymore? That was me after 15 years in the food service industry. I knew that I was ready for my next step. Through the past 15 years of working myself to the breaking point, I had almost forgotten why I chose to become a chef in the first place.

I had almost forgotten the joy and excitement I felt when a client would try my creations and love them. Knowing that I was a part of that monumental and special moment for them is what made it all worth it to me.

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